Paul Abrams

Paul Abrams
President and CEO

The midwest’s premier consumer advocate, Edwin-Claude, Inc. represents policy holders and making sure insurance companies properly take care of them. Since 1989, as a licensed public insurance adjuster, Paul and his team have helped thousands of businesses and homeowners recover from their losses.

At Edwin-Claude, Inc. you’ll find the best public insurance adjuster services and disaster recovery consulting services available anywhere. We’re ready to mobilize when and where you’ve experienced the devastation of a Fire, Flood, Storm, Lightning or Tornado. 

To complement this goal and deliver the best experience possible, every member of the Edwin-Claude, Inc. team strictly adheres to the customer-focused ECI Rules of Professional Conduct and Ethics.

Finding your way after a disaster can be precarious. We detect the roadblocks and clear the way to a fair and equitable settlement. Edwin-Claude, Inc. brings experience, professionalism and a commitment to superior customer service to every client. When a loss occurs, we provide an immediate, no cost on-site inspection and a review of your insurance policy. We will answer questions without cost or obligation. The initial steps you take could have a profound effect on the outcome of your claim. We have experience in the industry and understand your insurance contract and the company’s responsibilities…right down to the fine print. Creative thinking tied back to the language of the policy can help develop a plan geared towards your full recovery.

Paul Abrams

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