Working with a Public Insurance Adjuster in Missouri

Experiencing a loss of property or personal items can be incredibly overwhelming. Homeowners, renters and business owners may not know how to navigate their insurance policies, or how to best go about getting the compensation they deserve. This is where public insurance adjusters in Missouri come into play.

What Does A Public Insurance Adjuster Do?

A public insurance adjuster is an independent professional who acts as an advocate for policyholders in the claims process and has a fiduciary responsibility to you, just like an attorney or an accountant. Your Public Adjuster works on your behalf, the policyholder, not the Ins. Co. and will negotiate with your Ins. Co. to make sure you receive everything you are entitled to.  Not more than you deserve, but not a penny less.  Some people want to be “fair” with their Ins. Co., but the basic concept of “fair” implies that the person or business who suffered a loss has to give up some of their rights and forego some compensation they are legally entitled to.  This is not what your Ins. Policy says.  A licensed Public Adjuster, especially one belonging to NAPIA, will professionally assist you in submission of your claims.  Just like your CPA reviews the Tax Laws and submits your Tax Return in a manner to  maximize your Tax Refund, a Public Adjuster reviews your policy and submits your claim in a manner to maximize your recovery (i.e refund of all the premiums you paid over your lifetime).

When Should I Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?

It’s important to note that public insurance adjusters can help you if you have already received a payment from your insurer. BUT!!! And it is a big BUT.  Professional Public Adjusters get their clients better settlements, when involved from DAY 1.  Sometimes it can make a world of difference just letting your Public Adjuster file your claim.  A perfect example is, that sometimes, your Public Adjuster can help direct your claim to an Ins Co. Adjuster who they regularly work with and/or who they know is a more reasonable adjuster and  familiar with your type of loss.  In the first 24-72 hours, insureds are required to provide large amounts of information to their Ins. Co. Much of which, if not communicated properly, can cost them 10’s of Thousands of Dollars or possibly even get their legitimate claim denied.  This is why it is critical, if possible, to discuss your claim with a Public Adjuster, before talking to your Ins. Co.  Normally, you will be able to tell, from this NO COST – NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION whether or not the Public Adjuster can bring added value to your claim, protect you from making costly mistakes and taking the weight of dealing with your Ins. Co. off your shoulders, at a time you need to be focusing on your family/business. 

If your Ins. Co. tries to rush to get into your building, hiring one of their preferred contractors and issuing a partial payment before a final settlement has been arrived at,  it is to your benefit not to accept your Ins. Co.’s offer or cash any settlement checks, until you have a Public Adjuster review your claim. Most states require licensing and bonding for Public Adjusters, like Missouri. This is how you know you have a professional Public Adjuster working for you.  Another important difference between your Public Adjuster and an adjuster would works for your Ins. Co., is that no Ins. Co. Adjuster in Missouri, is licensed in Missouri.

How Can a Public Insurance Adjuster Help Me?

Public insurance adjusters have extensive knowledge of the claims process and can help ensure that those affected by loss get the best deal possible under their current policy terms and conditions. Not only will they assist with filing paperwork but also provide guidance throughout the entire claims process from start to finish – from collecting evidence to negotiating settlements. They can also assist with providing estimates for repairs or replacements needed due to damage or loss.


Hiring a public insurance adjuster in Missouri can be incredibly beneficial when dealing with losses of property and personal items, whether you are a business owner or a homeowner. These professionals have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and navigating the claims process – helping those who unfortunately suffered a loss, get the maximum benefit due them under their policy. If you are looking for assistance during this difficult time, consider working with a qualified public insurance adjuster who will be able to assist you every step of the way as you file your claim and seek full compensation for your losses.



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